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Thomas was born on April 4, 1961 in Salt Lake City, Utah, the son of a doctor and a teacher.

In 1987, he went home to Morgan and was basketball coach for two years before teaching Spanish and then becoming principal.

After his youth, Craig went to Idaho and enjoyed coaching several sports, but came to Utah to the North Sevier, where his consistent success over 16 years became a basketball dynasty. In two decades, the team played 18 tournaments in the states and won eight county championships before winning four state titles, including the school's first basketball championship in 1983. He has won the last 35 games of his career and two other teams have been national champions - two of them unbeaten at the national championships. Craig is entering his second season as head coach at Utah North after his first two years as a teacher with Morgan and his third as an assistant coach at Utah State University in Salt Lake City.

The 16 state championships add up to more than $1.5 million in state revenue for the state, which is run separately by the Utah High School Activities Association.

Dave was inducted into the SUU Coaches Hall of Fame in 2015, when he also received the Utah High School Athletic Association Coach of the Year award. In 2016, the National Association of State High Schools named him its "Coach of the Year," adding to his many awards. The recognition also includes the Distinguished Coach Award of the American Cross Country Association. Other honors include the United States Athletic Association's award for the best coach in the state of Utah, the University of Southern Utah's athletic director award and the State Athletic Director's Association's Outstanding Coach award.

In 2016, the boys' team won the national title for the first time in the club's history with an 11-0 record.

Larry has coached the Spartans for 30 years and his state titles have been split between his two sons, Tyrone and Blake Braden, and his brother Steve. His son Tyr, one of the state's best football players, is coached by his father and his son - in law, the former head coach of Utah State University and current assistant coach of the University of Utah football team.

He led the high school's state meetings for more than a decade and was president of the coaches association for six years. He became a junior college American at the College of Eastern Utah, where he is a member of his school's Athletic Hall of Fame. He served as secretary and treasurer of Utah for 19 years, served as president of the Utah Swimming Coaches' Association for 10 years and was inaugurated in 2010. Weber's team in '07 featured a four-time state champion who later fought for Harvard University.

He was named Wilbur Braithwaite 3A Coach of the Year three times and received the Utah High School Activities Association's Distinguished Service Award in 2013.

He is a two-time Coach of the Year, was selected by the National Federation of State High Schools in 2002 and 2012-13 Coaching Award winner of the Utah High School Coaches' Association. He has also coached at the University of Utah and Utah State University, as well as Brigham Young University. Mel's swim and girls' swim team was one of only three in the state to be Utah High School Swimming and Diving champions in 2013-14, as voted for by the Coaches' Association of High School Coaches. He earned similar honors in athletics, and he is the only coach in Utah history to be selected as a member of both the UHSAA National Youth Olympic Committee and the United States Olympic Team in athletics.

Craig was named Utah's basketball coach of the year five times and was named the state's athletic director in 1999. He was elected by his colleagues in a 1998 Salt Lake Tribune poll and was subsequently named the Utah High School Coaches' Association of High Schools Coaching Award by the Salt Lake Tribune. In 1999, Craig was named Sportsman of the Year by Utah State University and Brigham Young University.

Brian Kuhlmann had great success as a high school cross country and athletics coach at Timpview High School. After coaching at high schools in Wisconsin and Illinois, Brian came to Timberlake and began a 28-year tenure that would include his team, which qualified for the state meeting every season. He was asked to coach Utah Valley after hosting an annual track event that served as a qualifying meeting for the Utah Country CrossCountry. In addition to Weber State Wrestling, he has also trained at the University of Utah, Utah State University and Brigham Young University.

Basketball, a league designed to help players develop their ability to play organized basketball. Boys in the third grade play basketball in their first year of college.

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